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VW Golf Version 9 - A new generation on the horizon

by Andrew Haighton 06 Jul 2023

There’s good reason why the VW Golf is the UK's 4th most popular car, with more than 1 million versions on our roads (DVLA, 2023). Since its introduction to the market in the ‘70s, the Golf has earned its place as a symbol of reliability and versatility, and has cemented its position as a hallmark of quality German engineering.

1974 version 1 VW Golf

A firm fan favourite

Resultingly, the world-famous Golf is decorated with a host of global awards and acknowledgements, including being recognized as top of the pile at the World Car of the Year Awards 2009. The Golf motor has been consistently successful across the existing eight generations and has now officially risen to the top of VW’s Best Sellers charts, having sold over thirty-five million units! 

The VW Golf is recognized as the world’s 4th best-selling car ever! The current number 1 is the Toyota Corolla with over fifty-five million units sold, latest iteration launched in 2023.

In hot pursuit of the Number 1 spot, VW has announced its plans for the Golf, and fans will be delighted by the news that VW have no plans to lay the iconic model to rest.

New Beginnings for VW's Golf 

The MK8 (2020) stands as the most-recent version of the Golf, although VW have now announced that they plan a mid-cycle refresh in 2024, which will likely sell through to 2030. 

MK8 2020 Risper VW Golf


However, this will be the last ever gasoline-powered version of Golf to hit the European market! In line with VW’s plans to sell only electric cars in Europe by 2033, the arrival of the electric battery only Version 9 in 2030 will mean a cease to production of the internal combustion model of Golf for good.

2030 Concept Electric VW Golf
(credit: CleanTechnica, concept VW Golf 2030, fully electric)

A new lease of life for your Golf

With a refresh a year away, and the fuel-engine Golf due to become a retired classic car, owners may wish to give their beloved MK6, MK7 or MK8 Golf models their very own refresh to improve performance and preserve their motor, with the electric vehicle revolution looming.

Thanks to Risper, you don’t have to wait for VW's next update to upgrade the look and performance of your Golf! We have a vast range of quality accessories and extras available so you can personalize your VW Golf and stay at the cutting edge of style on the road.

Golf R-Risper-Gold

Alloy Wheels:

A sure-fire way of setting your VW Golf apart is by upgrading to a set of our alloy wheels. Our range of Veeman wheels come in a variety of designs and finishes, lightweight and stylish, our alloys are the perfect customization of your Golf. The Veeman alloys are beautifully designed with your VW Golf in mind. Risper’s range of alloys boast classic and modern styles, with stunning profile designs, with precision finishing. Whether you’re seeking a sporty aesthetic or a more elegant style, our Veeman alloy wheels instantly transform the overall vibe and style of your Golf and make a bold, standout statement.

Veeman-Alloy-Wheels-VW Golf-Risper


A quality body kit can galvanize the look of your vehicle, and that is precisely what Risper’s Golf accessories are designed to do; Make a big impression with a daring and unique combination of body accessories for a bespoke, one-off look. 

VW Golf Front Splitter

Our VW Golf Splitters are the perfect accessory to take your car’s body to the next level. Our front splitters are aerodynamically beneficial, beautifully crafted and finished to the finest spec. Our body accessories furnish your Golf with a sportier and more aggressive appearance.

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